Our rose – a symbol of life, love & peace

Life is a multifaceted experience. Just like the rose with its heart and petal system that extends out to form layers, we affect family, friends, associates and our acquaintances in many different ways. The way we live, or simply because we live, allows an imprint of ourselves to be left on the heart of others.When the rose dies, it is not dead. It leaves behind a bulb that grows into a fruit called ‘Rosehip’.

When a loved one dies, their departure leaves us with their fruit. The true worth and value of their life remains in our heart, even when they are no longer with us.

Just as the rose is a symbol of peace, we know that at the time of a funeral – peace is what you need the most.


A funeral service that truly reflects the person we have lost, which shows their character and A funeral service that truly reflects the person we have lost, which shows their character and personality can be a great comfort. It helps us to show that they were loved, how much they will be missed and to remember the joy that they have brought to us, bringing smiles through the tears.

However, arranging any sort of funeral service, let alone the personal, moving one we would want, can be difficult. It takes planning and organisation at a time when grief can make us less than capable. This is where Jill Findlay excels. With her caring, friendly approach and her thorough knowledge and experience in organising all aspects of a funeral, she can gently guide you through the necessary decisions and arrangements to ensure that the funeral service is the loving and comforting experience that it should be.

Jill will come to you in your home and help you to make it all happen without it feeling like hard work. If cost is a factor, or if yours is a family that feels better in doing something tangible, then she can coordinate your family and friends to prepare any or all of the food, flowers or music. A qualified counsellor and experienced celebrant, Jill will help you to decide who will speak and help

When a relative or friend dies it is an emotional time and you may be uncertain of what to do next.

Take time to breath and say farewell, call us and we will talk you through what to do next.We will organise all the paperwork, visit you, go through the process with you and take care of it all.

It can all seem to happen so fast, if you have tiem call us in advance and we will step you through the process.

As I meet with people that know they are dying I once again acknowledge the strength it takes to know your time here is coming to a close and to then work through all the issues you have to face.

The caregivers be they partner, parent, child or friend grieve and feel the pain too as they walk with you.

Death is not easy, it is not kind but we as connected people can be kind, supportive and helpful. We can make a difference in each others lives.

We would be honoured to help you plan a funeral that celebrates the unique life of your loved one.

With our experience we can can provide traditional or innovative ideas to reflect their personality.

We listen to you and carry out your wishes, while providing you the space you will need to grieve, and say goodbye.

What People say about us

We want you to know how much we have appreciated your involvement and handling of dads funeral. We are so glad we chose to come to you, as you were the perfect person to help us. Right from the moment we as a family met you, you almost became a part of us as you walked us through those last few days planning for and preparing Read More
Love Wendy
In such a difficult period of bereavement, Jill has played a phenomenal role in helping to facilitate the ceremony whilst we were all left shocked and saddened. It was certainly most helpful to have a professional coordinator to take care of the planning period.The last thing on our minds at the time, was to successfully co ordinate this funeral.Read More
When a loved one passes it is such a time of grief and shock, it is hard to think straight.The thing that made the whole experience even vaguely bearable was Jill from Findlay Funerals.Jill’s caring attitude and personal approach touched all of us as a family. She was there for us all. The planning was impeccable. She understood the brief Read More
Sarah Tiplady

We honour your choices

At Findlay Funerals we walk alongside you filling the gap between your grief and your desire to celebrate a life lived at the funeral.